Fotobox mieten

You want a photobooth for your wedding or event?

This photobooth may be the right thing for you!

With a photobooth, funny and casual photos are always created. The requirement is a photobooth that can be operated intuitively and that also produces high quality photos and prints that you don’t have to wait for forever.

This requires a high-quality photobooth equipped with a SLR camera, a flash with a so-called beauty dish and a fast industrial printer. This is hardly the case with most of the photoboots on the market.

I offer you a professional and very easy to use photobooth, which prints on an industrial printer in a few seconds.

A really important criterion is the stability and weight of the photobooth. At a wedding, there are often children who, in the heat of battle, sometimes even hit or fall against the photobooth. Make absolutely sure that the photobooth does not tip over. With its heavy weight and the base cabinet, this photobooth stands firm like a rock.

You can book the photobooth at a cheaper rate and I will bring it with me on the day of your wedding.

I am also happy to offer you different backgrounds and accessories like hats, glasses, beards, inflatable instruments etc.

Of course you can rent the photo box without my photographic accompaniment as an individual service – for every occasion.





  • Top photos: Professional SLR camera (resolution 18 Mpx), no cheap webcam or iPad or Android camera as in many Photobooths.
  • Beautydish & flash for clean, sharp and properly exposed photos in studio quality.
  • Industrial thermal sublimation printer – no need to wait for poor quality prints from a standard commercial printer like build in most of the other photobooths.
  • Immediate printouts in 10×15 or 15×20 cm (10×15 in 6.8 sec.) at 300 dpi!
  • Sturdy and stable metal housing.
  • LED illuminated arrows pointing to the lens.

  • All photos taken during the day/evening can be uploaded to a USB stick at the end of the day.
  • Share and print all photos while Photobooth is running.
  • Image overlays (Instagram style) selectable on touchscreen.
  • Your name and the date of your wedding or event can be printed, if desired.
  • Integrated slideshow with chromecast connection (also available offline).
  • Images that have already been produced can be viewed again on the touch screen and, if necessary, printed and shared again.

  • Integrated green screen functionality.
  • Up to 4 photos on one printout possible.
  • Guests will also receive their pictures in high resolution via a free download.
  • Voice instructions for users. Easy operation guaranteed.
  • Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS sharing.
  • Offline sharing function. All Sharings will be saved and uploaded when available.