How can we reach you?


Where do you offer a wedding reportage?

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Did you win any awards?


How do you describe your style?


What makes you different from other photographers?


Are there any motives you don't photograph?


Why should we hire you?


What about appointments?


Can we reserve a date without obligation?


What happens during the preliminary talk?


Welche Pakete bietest Du an?


What costs can we expect?


Let's say we book you for 10 hours. What are you photographing during this time?


How long are you working on a wedding?


Many wedding photographers only offer a few photos and you have to pay for each additional photo. Is that the same with you?


Are you just offering wedding coverage?


How long are you with us?


Do we have to make a deposit?


How much time should we allow for our bridal couple pictures?


How does the coupleshooting work?


What if it rains?


How much time should we generally allow for all photos?


How many pictures do we get from our wedding?


Are you working with flash?


How do you basically work at a wedding?


What happens if the priest or civil servant forbids photographing during the ceremony?


What if you get sick?


Will we have to sign a contract?


Will our photos be edited?


Can we get the RAW files?


Do we get color or black-and-white photographs?


How do we end up getting our pictures?


Do we have to give you the permission to use the images on your website or for self-promotion?


Do you have a photobooth?


What equipment do you use?